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Read/write (Express clearly,Question and Answers.)
Quick Learner.
Open, honest and directly with no BS.
Work autonomously in results and not tasks.
Stick to your commitment.
Make sure you understand. Intention. Context. Ask for help.
Bad news travels first.
Empathy for others' problems and goals.
Ask uncomfortable questions
Hustle for you. For us.
Disconnect. Systematically. Transparently.
Hold each other up to the standards.
Say hello and goodbye, ahead of time. How are you!
Share what you work on and blockers.
Add emojis, comments and questions
Respond, star, review.
Review, review, review to catch stuff of radar
Follow up. Avoid anyone following up on you.
Clear questions, answers, deliverables.
Respond in threads.
Use text Formatting.
Dont state time. Share Calendly. Repeat work time.
Decide on the best tool for the job. Video.
Learn the tools of the trade. Docs vs chat.
Noise reduction. process and settings.
Monitor followups
Get setup properly. HW/SW.

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