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On this Wiki you will find most of the information related to the Grindery Nexus Project. Use at your own discretion. Reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions.
We are Grindery , an open source, early-stage , BinanceLabs S4 project with funding from Near, Algorand, Flow, Cronos and Harmony. Specifically Grindery Nexus is a “middleware for web3”. Think of a Zapier for web3. It's a decentralized system that can interact with smart contracts as well as web2 APIs. It allows to define workflows with time, state and event triggers to execute smart contracts as well as API (web2) transactions.

It’s important to note that Grindery has several “legacy” products (like gPay, gWork and others) that you can find in the Chrome store and on our website. You can largely disregard them
If you have no idea what we are doing we suggest you fly through the white paper.

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