Part 3: Detect a deposit on any EVM chain 

Last updated by Jamiu Idowu a month ago
In part 3, we will detect a deposit of any ERC-20 token on any EVM chain. Again, let’s go to our Zap and edit the trigger (Grindery Gateway). Select  Tokens on EVM Chains  as   Grindery Driver and  Transfer  as Driver Trigger. Under Blockchain, choose  All Supported Chains  (this is what makes it different from part 2 where we selected a single chain). 
Next, add your contract address (you can add 0x0) and the recipient’s address. You don’t necessarily need to add the sender's address since you are only detecting deposits. Click Continue and Test Trigger. 
Image 1  
Now, go to the Google Sheets action initially set up and add the corresponding data to each field e.g. for TX ID, select  Data Hash . Once you are done, click Continue and Test Action. You should see the transaction details on your Google Sheets now. 
Hooray! You are learning fast! Let’s proceed to the exercise section.  
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