Grindery Nexus Feedback 2.0

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To Do 



There is a scroll when you first load the screen, there should be a responsive rule to have the content contained in the screen without having to scroll   
Don’t see benefit of box around the app   
There should be no ‘Create’ button in the sidebar. It should be separate, it’s a bad UX choice   
Double check that the search is working/it brings all the correct sheets   
We should have a default address  0 
Is it a good idea to have the buttons go full size?   
Image 1  
There is a lot of items that don’t do anything, if they aren’t usage they should be removed Image 2  
The x is strange. Is it common interphase patttern to have x minimizing a drawer?   
Image 3  
Settings, not relevant for demo   
Fields should have placement texts and why is all fields required?   
11. Check terminologies   
Image 4  
13. ‘Testing/naming’ step that is missing 8  - Yuri needs to provide design 
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