Module 1: A brief history of Grindery

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About this course 

In this course, you will learn about Grindery’s best practices and culture, get set up to receive payment at Grindery, and understand the Grindery compensation policy. Gaining this knowledge will help you towards having a seamless experience as a member of the Grindery team. 
Duration:  1.5 hours  
Prerequisites:  None 

What you will learn 

At the end of this course, you will: 
Learn what Grindery is all about and its journey over the years 
Understand Grindery culture, habits and best practices towards achieving optimal productivity and exciting experience at Grindery. 
Understand the Grindery Payment Policy. 
Be prepared to receive payment in cryptocurrency. 
Learn how to set up a contract and make a payment request on gWork. 

Module 1: A brief history of Grindery 

Grindery was founded in 2018 originally to solve the global payout challenges faced by companies. For two years, the founders developed and deployed a software solution that helped companies  manage distributed teams, contracts, timesheets, and payment in fiat. In fact, the Grindery Slack App    was listed in the Slack App directory and it recorded thousands of installations. 
In 2021, the Grindery team experimented with different DAO and multisig wallet integrations on different blockchains, including Harmony. This resulted in winning multiple Hackathons, grants and launch of a decentralized payment software . The team prototyped several parts of the technology required for the road ahead including metadata management, Web2 integration, and batch processing. 
From late 2021 till date, Grindery has focused more on building Nexus, the no/low-code middleware for Web3. You will learn more about this in Module 2. 

Grindery Funding History 

Image 1  
Figure 1. Grindery Funding History  
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