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ANKR Partnership 

TLDR:  Grindery would allocate 100% of the ANKR grant to connect all of the blockchains available via ANKR to the Grindery Nexus to allow for now/low code creation of workflows. This describes the background of the Grindery Nexus project and addresses the ANKR partnership in more detail.  
Grindery a nutshell: 
A decentralized “ Zapier  for Web3” for on-, off- and cross-chain integration.  
Backed by  Binance  Labs S4,  Near ,  Algorand ,  Flow ,  Cronos  and  Harmony 
Go-to-market focused on connecting  DAOs  and (d)App  
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Grindery Nexus dApp UI  
Grindery is an early-stage,  BinanceLabs  S4 project with funding from  Near ,  Algorand, Flow, Cronos  and  Harmony . Grindery  Nexus  is a “middleware for web3”. Think of a Zapier  for web3.  It's a decentralized system that can interact with smart contracts as well as web2 APIs. It allows to define workflows with time, state and event triggers to execute smart contracts as well as API (web2) transactions. In short, unified, seamless  on-, off- and cross-chain integration . The main purpose of this system is to increase  interoperability of dApps . We do this by allowing dApps to provide their users with  DIY integration features .  
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High Level System Architecture 
Grindery is focused delivering value to three types of users: 
Allow any  user  to easily configure their own integrations without using code. An example would be a user creating an email notification through Sendgrid whenever they receive a deposit in their wallet. A classical “Zapier for Web3”
Allow  developers  to build integrations as secure self standing dApps for specific systems. An example would be a DAOHaus Boost that allows DAO members to submit payments requests via a Google form and then batch and pass them on-chain as a proposal to the DAO.
Allow  dApps  to launch their own integration  marketplaces . Pretty much what every major SaaS company does today. Just for Web3. Some existing web3 examples include Gnosis Safe dApps available inside the Gnosis Safe dApps. 
Our experience in working with blockchain including  Near ,  Algorand, Flow  and  Harmony  have shown that blockchains have 
in general a  strong, natural interest in fostering the use of the dApps running on them. We help dApps to make dApps easier to use, increase in-app engagement and ultimately user retention.
specifically  an interest to empower the DAO Frameworks running on their chains. This serves a need for their protocols and dApps to decentralize their organizations and not having to look to other blockchains to match that need. 
Blockchain API Providers 
We have been engaging and testing several leading blockchain APIs. Fact is that Grindery will connect to - likely dozens - of blockchains. Today already the blockchain we need to support (Harmony, Near, Flow, Algorand) exceeds the capacity of any single blockchain provider. 
More importantly a fundamental architecture decision of the team was to (i) rely on blockchain APIs rather than running its own nodes and (ii) leave the known decentralization challenge of these APIs to the Web3 ecosystem in general. The fact that ANKR is uniquely pursuing a decentralized approach to providing blockchain APIs fits as much with Grindery’s technical direction as well as general values when it comes to web3. 
Two challenges remain for Grindery when it comes to working with ANKR: (i) not all blockchains required are currently available via ANKR and (ii) some of the blockchains available via ANKR do not have the same API features and functions as the most popular EVM RPC protocol, requiring custom development for each of them. 
One example is NEAR, which is not an EVM chain and offers completely different API, which requires us to create a different connector for it. 
Grant usage 
While Grindery can not solve the first challenge, adding more blockchains to the ANKR network, Grindery can make sure its Workflow Engine connects to all of the available ones. Grindery would use ANKR grants to create customized connectors for each blockchain.  
This could be done directly by the Grindery team but is ideally done by members of the ANKR community and/or the specific blockchains. Working with the community would allow us to create bounties and use some of the funds to do some public announcements and PR. 
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