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DAOs and MultiSigs

In a nutshell:
A decentralized “ Zapier for Web3” for on-, off- and cross-chain integration.
Backed by Binance Labs S4, Near , Algorand , Flow , Cronos and Harmony
Go-to-market focused on connecting DAOs and MultiSigs
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Grindery Nexus dApp UI
Grindery is an early-stage, BinanceLabs S4 project with funding from Near , Algorand, Flow, Cronos and Harmony . Grindery Nexus is a “middleware for web3”. Think of a Zapier for web3. It's a decentralized system that can interact with smart contracts as well as web2 APIs. It allows to define workflows with time, state and event triggers to execute smart contracts as well as API (web2) transactions. In short, unified, seamless on-, off- and cross-chain integration . The main purpose of this system is to increase interoperability of DAOs/Multisigs. . We do this by allowing dApps to provide their users with DIY integration features .
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High Level System Architecture
Grindery is focused delivering value to three types of users:
Allow any user to easily configure their own integrations without using code. An example would be a user creating an email notification through Sendgrid whenever they receive a deposit in their wallet. A classical “Zapier for Web3”
Allow developers to build integrations as secure self standing dApps for specific systems. An example would be a DAOHaus Boost that allows DAO members to submit payments requests via a Google form and then batch and pass them on-chain as a proposal to the DAO.
Allow dApps to launch their own integration marketplaces . Pretty much what every major SaaS company does today. Just for Web3. Some existing web3 examples include Gnosis Safe dApps available inside the Gnosis Safe dApps.

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