On Organization

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On organization 

The most obvious is a continuation of working as much as you want, when you want and where you want.. Inboundlabs has been doing this now for 10 years. The continuation is (i) stronger focus on "as much as you want" and more importantly "what you want", We dont want to force anyone to work on thing they dont work on. This does not mean that we get to do only what we want but picking up on unwanted work has to be a free decision. 
Let's stay as small as we can as a core team. No middle management ever. I think the entire idea of community building is great. Think of it primarily as outsourcing. Let's empower others to do things. Make sure others con do work and get paid. Lets worry about standards and documentations but let's avoid at all cost hiring a lot of people. I LOVE working the way it's now. lets further improve it but let's not fuck it up. 
Let's move away from hourly work and let's define everything as results driven.For the core team as well as everyone we bring into the close circle. Everyone on team will obviously have a sallery and receive tokens as a long term upside. But let's also implement a clear policy for cash bonuses for milestones. The idea to follow is to decouple exists from liquidity. 
The thing that should not change is a relentless focus on productive online collaboration.I would love to jointly work over what we have today  and even transform it into a video series. If we can transmit these skills to our community then we all win. 
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