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Get the App Verified 
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Have a real testing address, pre-populated ( ) 


Set up the app on a subdomain/domain 
It looks like its pulling all of GDrive files instead of the Sheets only 
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Check if the sheet icon is the correct icon being used  ( ).  
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Add ability to go back  ( ) 
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We need more descriptive functions, Make descriptions more clearer and should be able to prioritize them. We need a title and what the function does ( ) 
Once a user clicks ‘sign in’, you need to show a loading icon/loading screen to indicate that it is loading, and that user will be redirected. As is, it takes a while to load and isn't intuitive 
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Why are there 2 ‘loading’ texts? ( ) 
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Add ability to search sheets.  
Move message to bottom of form  
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Close address book  ( ) 
Double check how this works on zapier if it should close every time you insert a field or clicking outside is required to close  ( ) 
Button is hidden. Ensure to always show the button, if form is incomplete there should be required field and error messages. 
Image 9  
Align the SendGrid red “PAID” tag to the right side inside the dropdown.  Figma design reference  
Regarding the MolochDAO functions dropdown, this is how  we should display the description. 
Updated the Gas Notification to bottom  in the design. 
Back Button added and new top bar behaviour as well like Zapier does. See this video  for clarification 
We should also bring the Top Nav + Sidebar behaviour to the phone version. 
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