Innovate with Grindery 

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Congratulations on getting to this stage in your Web3 automation journey. Here, we want you to move beyond the borders by thinking of additional ideas. You have connected Wallet to Google Sheets to track your wallet transactions, what else can you do? The answer is, there are tons of things you can do. For instance, when a new wallet transaction occurs, you choose to add Gmail or Slack or Discord as an action to get notifications when a new wallet transaction occurs. 
The figures below can help motivate ideas on some of the apps you can connect to Grindery Gateway. However, don’t be limited by the options here. Afterall, you can connect Gateway to thousands of Web2 apps. 
Don’t forget to share what you build with us on Discord! You can now return to Grindery Academy  to mark the course complete. You need to log in to do this.  
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