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Develop a Gnosis Safe App that uses Grindery to create a workflow.
User stories
Install Gnosis dApp
Select a trigger: new deposit or new transaction
Configure trigger (see required and optional fields in the CDS file)
Allow browser notifications
Submit user input as a Workflow JSON to the JSON-RPC API endpoint.
Suggested development process and resources
Developed Gnosis Safe App must:
1. Get JSON file with trigger schema from Github. Existing Gnosis Safe CDS (Connector Definition Schema):
2. Render fields required to configure trigger (see trigger “inputFields” in the CDS file)
3. Ask user's permissions for browser notifications (we will use Firebase Cloud messages to send notifications)
4. Listen for new notifications
5. Create workflow JSON with user's input and submit it to the existing JSON-RPC endpoint. Example Workflow JSON:

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