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I still feel this looks strange, Button size correct?
Image 1


Homepage requires me to scroll to get to button
Image 2
Button should not Grindery ISO but Ceramic or 3ID IsoImage 3
Homepage of dAdd requires me to scroll to reach button. Please fit to viewport.
Image 4
Everytime I sign in I get a Message about “migration”. Is that necessary? And what does that actually mean? Plus an error message. Sometimes I get an error.
Image 5Image 6Image 7
Loading list of workssheets seems slow. In GPay it takes a fraction of a second. Here it takes several. Seems a bit odd.
If user might need to migrate accounts, let's add another line of text. But first explain to me the messages below. “(If you already have a 3iD account it will be migrated ).”

Image 8
Image 9
Search for sheets still does not work frictions free. Please test
Image 10

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